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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Web Site Coming Soon

Well, the dogwoodtales.com web site design and construction is coming along nicely albeit not in a time frame that I would prefer. However, as the old saying goes you can choose any two of good, fast and cheap. Since I want the web site to be good from the get go and I'm a miser on a fringe budget right now getting the web site up and running the way I want isn't going to be fast. But once it is up and runnning it will be a beauty and, hopefully, a decent form of income in both attracting customers and in generating some money through affiliate programs.

I've been working on video and written content for the web site. It's amazing how much time it can take to get an idea out of my head and onto paper (or electronic document for that matter) or into video. Video editing has been painful with free programs like Windows Live Movie Maker. It works well for simple video and audio editing, but add on some layers of audio and it becomes cumbersome and the quality suffers. I must get my hands on better video editing software soon. Just like with the DIY home projects, it will save time and money in the long run.