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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get the brad out of the mortise

I disassembled a chair to re-glue the joints and an old brad was still in the mortise of this chair leg. I couldn't get to it except with needle nose pliers, but I couldn't get enough of a grip to pull the brad out of the wood. Vice grip pl
iers would provide more than enough grip, but are too large to fit into the mortise to grab the brad. After some rummaging around looking for another means to pull out the brad, it dawned on me to use the vice grip pliers to improve the grip of the needle nose pliers and ... wa-la! The brad was easily pulled out.

Fixing a broken mortise and tenon joint

While disassembling this chair leg and cross piece the tenon broke off in the mortise. Ugh. So I made a quick centering jig for my drill to drill a 1/2" hole centered in the end of the cross piece and cut a length of 1/2" dowel to use as a floating tenon between the two pieces.