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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beach Bum Livin

I have a ton of my own footage from over the past year that I need to edit and put into final video. I've been so busy working, a good thing, that I haven't had the time and energy to do that. Plus my pc is slow when it comes to video editing. In addition to that my life being married with children (even as blessed a life that is) isn't very cooperative with the demands of producing videos. In fact, in just writing these past few sentences I had to pause - twice now - to give attention to children.
At any rate, I do have time to watch great videos from other woodworkers. Watching doesn't require as much time and energy from me. With that said, I recently found another avid woodworker whom produces on-line videos - Beach Bum Livin.
I like how he uses a lot of reclaimed wood (pallet wood, drift wood, etc.).

And the child-interruptions are now up to four ;-)
where was I?

Okay, Beach Bum Livin - here's a video of his in which he makes a really neat coffee table using an intarsia-style painted top.

Ray Ladouceur
Dogwood Tales

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Mobile Workshop Idea

While I do not have a great need for a mobile workshop, but there sure have been times when I wish I did have something like the set up in this video, this video shows a well designed mobile workshop that puts my lack of organization in my own workshop to absolute shame.

In watching this one time I already picked up on a couple ideas for my own 1-car garage workshop. One of which is how to make the miter saw set up more compact. I don't want to get rid of my miter saw as I use it often enough, but it takes up a lot of space relative to my 11'x25' workshop.

The idea of sliding the miter saw out when needed would probably conserve a good 6 inches of space out from the wall. Believe it or not, that would clear up a lot of space for me between the miter saw and the workbench. Hope this video gives you some ideas for space utilization and organization in your workshop.

Ray Ladouceur

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