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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meeting a TV legend

I volunteered at the Woodworking In America convention in N-Ky and finally got to meet a living TV legend.

I had just got out of handling the camera for the overhead projector for a presentation by Jay van Arsdale (a respected expert in Japanese style joinery) and I I went over to catch the last bit Roy Underhill's presentation. Shortly after I got there he asked for a volunteer to handle his camera for a particular shot. (He had his own camera that he was using instead of the one provided by the convention. I'm not sure why the camera operator of that camera didn't help him out.) Roy positioned his camera by clamping it on a board to his bench and got to work on his treadle lathe. So I got up and went up to help with the camera. He was working on the lathe and didn't even know I was there at first until he glanced back at the camera, saw me and said, "Oh, thank you!" It was short lived as his presentation only lasted a couple more minutes after that anyway.

So later on I got a picture with him and true to his legend, he does not take a serious picture. He always has to do a peculiar pose. The guy who took this picture for me with his cell phone camera just had a picture with him also and for that one Roy was hiding behind him and looking over his shoulder.

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