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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to do woodworking

I have two tables to refinish. One to finish refinishing and a new one to get started on. I also have a night stand to refinish, a desk to make and a couple other irons in the fire or soon to be. It's great to have work lined up to do - but nice weather has finally graced itself upon Cincinnati for this week and so I have some urgent things to tend to outside around the house that must get done before winter sets in. In addition to that I have a tandem skydive that I purchased a while back on Groupon that I have yet to use and the skydiving school, Start Skydiving in Middletown, OH is only about a month away from closing for the winter. In addition to all that I am trying to find time to work on affiliate programs for the web site, new content for the web site, videos of projects I've completed and am in the process of etc.
When am I going to have time to get my woodworking done?
I'll get it in there somewhere.
Oh, I forgot to mention, my shop is a mess - again. I have to clean it up before I can work in there again.

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