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Friday, April 20, 2012

Woodworking - Woodworker Hoarding

Here's a little something I put together about a year ago. It kind of goes along with the theme of my most recent video on cleaning up the scrap. I did not make my workshop look like this for the video (but I did kind of make it a little messy-er for the video). For over 90% my workshop really was like this - and many times over in the past. There have been times when I just get busy with stuff and don't take the time to keep it picked up. 

My workshop has been nowhere near this bad since I cleaned up this mess a year ago. However, currently I am feverishly working on getting the workshop in tip top shape. I am removing stuff from the workshop that does not add value to the work flow. Taking things out that I was basically just storing in the workshop for that "someday" when I might need it. No more. It's going into my neighbor's yard. Just kidding - actually I will be finding room for stuff in either my storage shed, in the basement or, if I discern that I simply don't need to hand on to it it's going to get a new home ... somewhere else.


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