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Saturday, February 16, 2013

That's Hard Stuff!

Solvent 17 is not exactly exotic, but is a great stripper nonetheless. But there's still something on these spindles that it just wouldn't dissolve. Whatever those spots are made of it's hard stuff that I had to scrape and chip off with my scrappers. Then follow up with more scrubbing with the wire brush. I wouldn't be as worried about the appearance if it was not visible, but this is on a stair case and so it's visible as one looks up into the staircase.

Ray Ladouceur


  1. I think that using old wood to do projects really give the finished project character. Have you ever tried this, I found a good site that is an example of this: Antique Oak Flooring

  2. Yes I have and when making floor repairs using old flooring is my preferred method as it blends in better than installing new wood for a repair into an old floor. But I have old wood available to me locally. Thanks for the info nonetheless.

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